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Inside photo of Biberstaff Booksellers at Quigley Cottage Bed and Breakfast

Bickerstaff Booksellers

Bickerstaff Booksellers evolved from the Quigley Cottage Bed and Breakfast. An Idea was hatched to accommodate a need which became a goal and ultimately a reality. The name Percival Bickerstaff is an imaginary character created to compliment the Old English flavor. This character is someone you imagine could be the proprietor of a quaint little bookstore in London on Charing Cross Road. Dave and Davee Letford have always been avid readers and lovers of books, especially old books. They believe the printed word is an amazing gift that is fading away due to our ever changing modern technology. Their collection of books continued to grow to mega proportions, yet the desire to add to it never diminished. Out of necessity and lack of additional space, they reluctantly decided to part with some of their collection. Bickerstaff Booksellers is a labor of love, their love of books and the joy of sharing them with others.


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Percival Bickerstaff Booksellers
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